Friday, June 4, 2010

In The Beginning...

Three years ago, I was able to finally rid myself of excess weight, get into the habit of exercising daily and was finally happy with my weight and appearance.  I had dropped from 175 lbs to 151 lbs, and looked great! 

Fast forward to now. I have packed on the weight again, and then some. I am currently at the heaviest I have ever been, and am severely upset about this. I've been told that "fat girl" is a state of mind rather than a physical state. I wish this was my problem. I still think I am a size 8/10, and then I run across a mirror, and reality slaps me in the face. Hard.

Since becoming engaged this past February, my weight and appearance have been weighing (pun not intended) on me. I refuse to be the bride who stops eating 6 weeks before the wedding! I am graduating nursing school only 4 months before the wedding, and I have a LOT more to worry about during that time besides how big my ass is, and how flabby my arms are!

My 30th birthday is less than one month away, and I am horrified that I will be starting the next decade of my life like this. I look to my future for inspiration.

I will admit it, yes, I am vain and want to look like the models in the bridal magazines on my wedding day (or everyday for that matter). But you know what?  I want to look back at the wedding pictures and feel that beautiful and happy with my appearance ten years later.

Quick fixes don't work, and I know this. So, I marched my plus sized butt into a Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. It really is the only sane way to lose weight because it teaches you to make healthy choices for life, and it will conform to your life, so no more excuses! And I'm a girl who can make up some crazy excuses!

So far, I am not having difficulty staying within my points, but the planning can be a little bothersome. The best part about joining is that my sister and my mother are going back to WW, and several of the girls at work are on it, so I've got a fairly strong support system!

I hope to update more than once a week, but I can promise that I will at least update after every meeting with the following information:
1. Week number
2. Pounds lost this week
3. Pounds lost total
4. Current weight

Here goes:
1. June 3, 2010 - Week 1
2. 0 pounds lost this week
3. 0 pounds lost total
4. Current weight - 190.8

Wish me luck!

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