Monday, August 23, 2010

Liposuction is sounding easier....

This last week, while a crap ton of fun, was not the best for my "bottom" line. I decided to pack as much fun as possible into 3 days, and much fun was had. But here is the age old question: how do you have fun without beer and crappy food??

I don't drink often anymore (too expensive and I'm just too damn busy), but I do enjoy a good cocktail when I get the chance. And this week, the opportunity presented itself on a fairly regular basis! So I threw caution to the wind and indulged in cocktails, pizza, mac n cheese, Italian beefs, fries, chocolate hazelnut gelato, real soda and of course, bacon. And now I am paying the price. I'm up from last week, and while it's not detrimental to my overall goals, it's screwing with my head! I feel like all I should be eating is water and lettuce this week to make up for it! I know how insane that sounds, but that's the truth!

After eating that delicious crap this week, I'm finding it really difficult to get back on track this week. All I can think about is eating more crap food! *sigh* And I can hear a voice telling me to give in to the glorious, greasy gluttony.

At one time, this was a self-defeating circle of hell, but I'm fighting to change that!

So far:
1. August 23, 2010 - start week 13
2. +2.0 pounds (I really hate that + sign...)
3. 12.8 pounds lost total
4. Current weight:  178.0

I'm off to eat a healthy dinner with the hunny!


  1. I hear you, October Bride. I played last week, and I'm paying now, too. Up three pounds. And tonight, all I wanted to eat was ice cream and/or peanut butter. Didn't get the ice cream (and I REALLY wanted it) but I did eat too much peanut butter.
    Back on track tomorrow.

  2. Its a lifestyle change and you need to be able to indulge in your favorite foods or this won't work long term. Like you, I don't drink as much anymore but I do have my days that I indulge in it. What kind of cocktails do you drink? rum and diet cokes aren't too bad calorie wise, let me know I can send you over some low calorie drink ideas :)

    as for foods--I indulge every so often--I can never give up mac/cheese etc for good, so instead I learn to work them into my daily needs. If you know you are going to indulge try working out extra to make room for those yummy calories. Also you can eat what you want just watch the portion sizes--this is what kills me every time.

    Yes your body will adjust back to eating healthy--and yes the cravings for the junk will be there just be strong I know you can do this-you've done awesome so far! :)

    Also some healthier options for gatherings:
    Corn tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole (yes high in calories/fat but its the good kind your body needs)

    fruit and veggie platters

    Have the chicken ect but get rid of the skin! Italian beef minus the bread or eat only 1/2 the bread (thats what adds the calories!)

    Or just eat before going out that way you are not hungry.

    Keep up the great work!