Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Months Done!

Wow. I just re-read my first blog entry. I can honestly say that I barely remember how I was feeling. I know I was frustrated and ashamed, but you know how you can remember feelings? I can't re-feel what I was dealing with! In a good way.

While I know I am only partway through my journey, I feel amazing about where I am already. The pride I now feel when I look at myself in the mirror is something I have never felt before!

I had a lot of plans to go out with friends this past week, and in the past I would always find an excuse to not go. Truth be told, I just didn't want anyone to see me. I was ashamed and hated having to pretend to be having a good time when I would just rather be hiding in a corner. This week, I had SO MUCH FUN figuring out what to wear to see everyone!

I even bought new jeans, a size 14 (they fit beautifully, if not a little big). I was most excited that they weren't boot cut! Why on earth people think that adding more fabric on the bottom of the jeans "balances out" curvier girls I will never know! I got straight leg jeans and I look another 10 pounds lighter! My shoes are even getting big on me! I didn't even know my feet had gotten fat!!

I saw some girls from school the other day, and I haven't seen them since I was 195lbs. One of them even said to me that she could see the difference in my face! Hooray! I have a jawline and cheekbones again!

I have lost over 8 inches in total from all over my body! I have achieved my goal for this summer; wear short shorts in public and feel comfortable! I tried on some more wedding dresses and actually looked forward to it! :)

Even on days when I don't write down everything I've eaten, I'm still making the better choices and keeping track of it in my head. Except for last night when I turned into Cookie Monster and had my Festival of Shame on the couch. But I don't feel bad about it because I don't eat like that at all anymore, so one night of crazed, frenzied eating isn't going to kill me!

Now I'm starting a new chapter; back to school. As long as I can stay prepared and organized, I wouldn't have too much trouble staying on track! But I need to get moving more...

My end of summer numbers:
1. August 30, 2010 - start week 14
2. -2.6 pounds
3. 15.4 pounds lost total
4. Current weight: 175.4

Since starting WW in June, I have lost 15.4 pounds! Only 3.6 lbs from my 10% target! But, when I took my finals at the beginning of May, I was 195 lbs... so I can honestly and proudly say: I HAVE LOST 20 FREAKIN' POUNDS!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!


  1. Never, ever doubted you could do it! Let's keep up the good work!


  2. ♥♥ You are such an ispiration and I love you to absolute pieces :-)

  3. you go girl!
    <3 ann :)